Teleperformance: l’enquête colombienne fait sombrer le titre – October 11, 2022 12:38

Teleperformance: l'enquête colombienne fait sombrer le titre - October 11, 2022 12:38

( – The listing of teleperformance shares was suspended on the Paris stock exchange on Thursday morning following the announcement of the opening of an investigation by Colombia’s deputy minister for relations au travail.

At the moment of stoppage, just after 11:00 am, the French giant’s title of externalizing client experience dropped to 33.9% from a value of over 38% in the morning.

Edwin Palma Egea said in a message published on his Twitter account that his Cabinet had decided to launch an investigation into the company’s professional practices.

In a tweet, members of the Colombian government indicated that they had notified the company and asked the group’s employees and trade union organizations to testify about possible violations of workers’ rights.

In a more recent message, Edwin Palma Egea précis avoir d’ores et déjà reçu ‘innumerable claims’, assorties de preuves qu il compte étudier dans le tétail before de les intégrer dans l’enquête en cours.

Those testimonies came from the team at Teleperformance, which is responsible for moderating content on video-sharing platform TikTok, according to information reported by Time Magazine.

Earning only $10 a day, these employees regularly faced images of murder, child abuse, and sexual violence within the framework of their activities.

“Their attempt to regroup in a syndicate was met with threats and intimidation,” said the Time article.

Alors que la capitalization boursière du groupe vient de perdre plus de 6 milliards d’euros in quelques heures, les ananasest estiment que l’entreprise va devoir vite reagir.

Join the Royal Bank of Canada team. (1) These conclusions are subject to internal and external audits, especially in “aggressive” communication campaigns via publications.

Cette mesure pourrait toutefois s’avérer être ‘trop tardive et insufficient’ According to RBC, qui évoque en seconde solution (2) une ouventuelle Suspension des activités de moderation de contenu (7% du chiffre d’affaires) pour cause de ‘force majeures ‘ .

“From our perspective, shareholders should lobby the Executive Council to take this action to stabilize the ship,” the Bank of Canada concluded.


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