Forex » Week of November 20 or 25, 2022

Forex » Week of November 20 or 25, 2022

The week following November 20 or 25, 2022

While the week ahead hasn’t been announced as the most exciting week of the year, there are still factors that could move the forex and financial markets and need to be monitored.

Markets may slow down heading into the weekend due to the US Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday. Cependant, cela signifie égamente que sil ya une sur les marchés, les chooses potreint devenir volatiles. In most cases, next week’s events will center on Wednesday, with decision-making meetings on RBNZ rates, European PMI and FOMC minutes. And don’t forget that Friday is ‘Black Friday’, an unofficial coup in the shopping season. Additionally, there are names like Zoom and Dell that should be monitored this week for returns as well.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) will meet this Wednesday to decide on interest rate policy. At its last meeting on Oct. 5, the RBNZ raised the 6 interest rate by 50 basis points and cut the OCR to 3.5%. One of the most important elements of the minutes shows that a 75 basis point increase was discussed. Ultimately, however, the committee decided not to raise interest rates by 50 basis points. A week after the RBNZ’s last meeting, New Zealand released her six IPC data for the third quarter. The title was 7.2% against expectations of 6.6%, with a reading of 7.3% in Q2. Bien que les attentes pour l’impression du troisième triestre aient été bien inférieures, l’impression réelle est restée à peu près unchangeée par related to last quarter. becomes 10.1% of This will very likely give the Commission a reason to raise by 75 basis points at its next meeting, which brings the official rate of change to 4.25%.

black friday

Le lendemain de Thanksgiving aux États Unis, a company that offers significant discounts on many articles, is the coup d’état of the Saison des Chattes des Fetes in Fétes. Les données sur les ventes sont utilisés pour évaluater les cost de vacances au cours du mois suivant. par de crédit) à des taux plus eléfêt.

The latest data on U.S. retail sales for October was up 1.3% compared to 0% in the September talks. Cost of Les fortes poursuivront-elles pendent lapério des fêtes?Walmart beat profit forecasts last week, optimistic about the outlook for the holiday her shopping season. Rival Target has lost profits during this time, and demand is expected to slow sharply due to a lack of loan options for consumers.

Amazon, too, is gearing up for a difficult holiday season as the outlook is bleak. Amazon recently announced it laid off 10,000 employees. We chose Cependant, une que la plupart des détaillants notent est qu’ils ont encore unarriéré d’inventaire. Investors therefore monitor the number of “sales” offered and the number of articles reduced.

Rapport d’engagement des traders (COT)

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Company performance

These names include Zoom, Dell and Baidu. Other significant gains this week are ZM, DELL, SNEX, BBY, BIDU, DLTR, HPQ and DE.

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Donnees economiques

Alors que nous nous dirgeons vers la fin du mois, le calendar économique est léger. The calendar resumes at the end of November and the first week of December. But pour the cette semaine and the PMI and FOMC minutes will highlight the week. His PMI in Europe will tell the market whether the EU is headed for recession. The FOMC proceedings will make the Nov. 2 meeting more clear. Other key economic data that should be released this week include:

Sunday – November 20, 2022

Speech by BCE President Lagarde
China: Preferential interest rate 1 year
China: Preferential interest rate (NOV) for 5-year loans

Monday – November 21, 2022

Germany: PPI (October)
United States : Chicago Fed Activity Index (OCT)
New Zealand : Balance of Commerce (OCT)

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Australia: RBA Governor Lowe’s Speech
Canada: Retail Sales (SEP)
Canada : Indice des prix des logements neufs (OCT)
EU : Throwing a stone at consumer confidence (NOV)
United States: Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index (NOV)
New Zealand: Decision on les taux d’intérêt de RBNZ

Wednesday – November 23, 2022

PMI Mondio de la Fabrication et de Service Flash (NOV)
United States: Permit de construire definitifs (OCT)
United States: Orders for Durable Goods (OCT)
USA: Sales of new homes (OCT)
USA: Michigan Consumer Sentiment Finale (November)
USA: FOMC 2 Minutes
crude stock
Japan : Flash PMI Maker Ede Service (NOV)

Thursday – November 24, 2022

America: Thanksgiving
Suède: Riksbank interest rate determination
Allemagne : Ifo Business Environment (NOV)
Royaume-Uni : Commands CBI sur les tenances industries (NOV)
Mexico : Mid-month inflation (NOV)
South Africa: interest rate decision
New Zealand : ANZ Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence (NOV)
New Zealand: Retail Sales (T3)

Friday – November 25, 2022

Germany: GfK Consumer Confidence Index (DEC)
Germany: Final GDP Growth (T3)

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Graphique de la semaine : Petrol Brut WTI (USOIL) Ebdmader

Source: TradingView, StoneX

WTI crude fell nearly 10.5% to $79.50 last week, its strongest weekly drop since the week of 28 March. OPEC has cut its global demand forecast by 500 barrels per day due to concerns about the spread of Covid in China and a possible recession elsewhere in the world. USOIL could hold support at 76.28 for the week of Sept 26, but if this concern persists, the price could fall to It may break the support and drop from the April 2020 low to the April 2020 peak with a 50% retracement. Close to 64.71 for the week of March 7th. Horizontal support is just below 62.46. However, OPEC+ he met again in early December. If they update their forecast, future demand will increase and future demand will increase. The first resistance is au plus haut de la semaine dernière at 89.82. Above, the price could hit his 7th November week high of 93.73. Une résistance supplementaire croise les plus bas de la semaine du 20 juin à 100.73.

The next week in forex hasn’t been announced as the most exciting week of the year, but there are still elements to watch.The RBNZ should meet on Wednesday and raise six interest rates by 75 basis points. Pourraient-ils les monter plus? Additionally, the PMI tells us which countries, if any, are likely to head into recession. Don’t forget Black Friday! Les consommateurs vont-ils dépenser ce vendredi ou se retiendront-ils et preserveront-ils leurs fonds?

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