Bitcoin » Les niveaux de prix à surveiler cette semaine

Bitcoin » Les niveaux de prix à surveiler cette semaine

Niveaux de prix du Bitcoin à surveiler cette semaine

Les crux du marché bearissier du Bitcoin se presentente sous differente formes et tailles, mais le prix du BTC devrait encore baisser, selon de nombreux Analyst.

Bitcoin’s price remained stable at Wall Street’s opening on November 21 after closing in at levels not seen since the end of 2020.

Graphics Bitcoin (BTC/USD) 1 hour

Source: Trading View

data from Cointelegraph Market Pro etc TradingView ont montré que le prix du Bitcoin planait au-dessus de $16,000 USD après avoir plongésous le niveau pendent la nuit.

Cointelegraph Market Pro

Sentiment remained at a razor’s edge as rumors continued about cryptocurrency conglomerate Digital Currency Group (DCG).

Concerns center around the $10.5 billion investment vehicle Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), with arguments not based on liquidity issues that have surfaced on social networks.

Coinbase, le depositaire de GBTC, would have confirmed that 6 Bitcoin holdings over 635,000 BTC are safe and exist today.

Cependant, GBTC nétait qu’une des FTX Multiple potential victims of collapse in the course of exchange and related activities, et les prix de la cryptographie restaient trèssensitives au sujet.

Traders and analysts are gearing up to hit their BTC target in a short period of time.

Ambessa » $14,600 – $15,300 – $17,580

Anbessa, a popular commentator on Twitter, explained that bitcoin’s price has retested its lower levels since then, but also suggested rent levels should market forces return.

Bringing up the discussion on Twitter with an annotated graph, he pointed out that the $14,600 UDF is the “most prepared” zone to increase BTC exposure.

« Time has passed and the plans have not changed. Larentrée est un peu plus faible maintenant (support de la ligne de tenance descendante) », at-il resumé dans les commentaires d’accompagnement.

If Bitcoin Must Stop Its Fall Now, Ambessa Declares Entry Point Just Below US$17,600 must return to support

Annotated Graph Bicoin (BTC/USD) 4 hours

Bitcoin November 21, 2022
Source: Ambessa/Twitter

The London Crypto » $12,000 – $175,000

Comme plusieurs autres, The London Crypto, partner d’échange ByBitestime que le plus bas ultime du marché bearissier se situe autour de 12,000$ pour le Bitcoin.

Il est arrive au calculus.

Chaque cycle bas, il ya un haut, cependant, et optimiste The London Crypto n’a pas hésité à prédire les bons de retour autour de la nextance subvention globale de Bitcoin, divisée par deux.

“BTC has adjusted 77% in this bear market, compared to 84% in 2013 and 83% in 2017,” he noted.

“En étudiant les hauts et les bas de nos cycle précédentes, nous pouvos estimer que le bas de cet ours se situe entre 10,000$ et les 12,000$, suivi d’un sommet de 175,000 in 2024-2025.”

Bitcoin/USD 21112022
Source: The London Crypto/Twitter

Sheldon the Sniper » $12,000 to $13,000

Analysis shared today by Sheldon the Sniper indicated a target of around $12,000 to $13,000.

Another tweet declared that a rebound above $18,000 would cause an “emission” of his BTC portfolio, while several downside targets crystallized.

These existed in the form of various support zones at $14,013, $12,846, $11,747 and $10,594.

“Chutes can be made in front of the ejection zone, but we’ll see,” he added.

BTC Analysis Nov 21, 2022
Source: Sheldon the Sniper / Twitter

Rekt Capital » Main Bloodline Levels

Analysts at Rekt Capital point to key areas of support and resistance in the form of closing the course of the Hebdomadaly graph.

À $16,250, le Bitcoin a clôturé sa dernière bougie hebdomadaire à plus de 1000 $ en dessous de la «résistance clé» à $17,322, he warned.

Other significant levels were $13,910 down and $23,300 up when downloading the summary table.

“Nouvelle Couture Hebdomader BTC Sé Produi en des de la Resistance Key,” he pointed out.

“Prices have impacted a small rejection, but there is no follow-up to the significant drop at this time.”

Total capital BTC 21112022
Source: Direct Capital / Twitter

William Souberg, Cointelegraph

William Souberg waited until bitcoin reached the end of his life to get his son’s attention. Joined Cointelegraph in October 2013.

Cointelegraph Market Pro

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