Where Will Bitcoin Price After FTX Crash?

Where Will Bitcoin Price After FTX Crash?

Where Will Bitcoin Price After FTX Crash?

  • Bitcoin se vautre dans eaux trobles price linked by FTX collapse impact.
  • A new balance sheet deposit reveals that FTX has a cash balance of $1.24 billion.
  • According to the founder of speculative fund Three Arrows Capital, the FTX crisis has set crypto back for decades.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki maintains an optimistic vision of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin (BTC) price continues to withstand strong headwinds following the collapse of one of the largest crypto empires, FTX. Bien que le prix du Bitcoin ait semblé avoir touché le fond le semaine dernière, les baisses de lundi et mardi ont effacé les espoirs d’un revirement. Bitcoin price changed to US$15,800, down 1.5% on the day. I’m here.

FTX Group’s balance sheet reveals a cash balance of $1.24 billion

The defunct FTX Group has a total cash balance of $1.24 billion, according to new legal dossier. The dossier, filed on Monday by Alvarez & Marsal North America LLC, was the conceiler’s funder under the contract and said it had “eléfitt que ce que les debiteurs étaiten en mesure de justify au to justify on November 16.” mercredi 16” was presented.

Cash balances are distributed across four silos: the Alameda silo, the dotcom silo, the venture silo, and the West Realm Shires (WRS) silo. These include amounts from debtor and non-debtor entities. Approximately $175 million is held by debtor entities and $488 million is accounted for by non-debtor entities.

The new cash balance, while slightly higher than presented in previous documents, remains significantly lower than $3.1 billion due to FTX Group’s 50 major creditors. FTX is said to have over a million creditors.

The collapse of FTX has sparked a sudden liquidity crisis, with investors rushing to withdraw their assets. Through its sales arm, Alameda Research, FTX illegally used customer deposits to fund acquisitions and risky ventures.

Bitcoin baisse à mesure que l’hiver crypto se prolonge

Le prix du Bitcoin est tombé à un creux de deux ans à environment 15,425 USD après avoir perdu une zone de support crité à $16,000 USD. The 3-day Stochastic Oscillator shows a very oversold market situation. In other words, we’re in control, and attempts at recovery are often quashed by new revelations about the FTX debacle.

Graphic Bitcoin (BTC/USD) 3 days

According to the author of a popular financial book, “rich dad poor dadAccording to Robert Kiyosaki, the FTX crisis does not represent the entire crypto market. We are always optimistic about Bitcoin and Detient Ethereum.

“I’m still optimistic about Bitcoin, but I don’t equate silver with ETF silver. And Bitcoin is not the same as Sam Bankman-Fried. (…) C’est FTX qui est le problème,” Kiyosaki explained in a Twitter post.

“I love bitcoin. ‘, pursued the celebrity.

While Kiyosaki remains optimistic about Bitcoin, other industry insiders, such as Su Zhu, founder of speculative fund Three Arrows Capital, believe that FTX’s demise could lead to crypto It claims to have set the space back 7-8 years.

“Certain industry leaders have declared that the FTX demise set the industry back for five years. – may be more if the underlying problem is not resolved.”

At the moment all eyes are on the Bitcoin price and if Bitcoin recovers and holds the 16,000 USD support intact. Bitcoin vers $20,000 USD – une decision qui pourrait retabliar la confiance dans le marché de la crypto-monnaie et ouvrir la voie à une course haussière.

Article by John Isige of FXStreet

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