Bitcoin Rebounds, Coinbase Confirms $2 Million BTC

Bitcoin Rebounds, Coinbase Confirms $2 Million BTC

Les échanges centralizeds continuent de faire l’objet d’un Examen minutieux après l’effondrement de FTX, et beaucoup d’entre eux s’efforcerent de présent leurs preuves de réserves. L’Ethereum était également en hausse, le jeton se rapprochant des 1,200 $aujourd’hui.


Bitcoin is set to rebound after falling six times in recent days on Wednesday, fueled by information that Coinbase has 2 million BTC in reserves at the end of the third quarter. After a low of , BTC reached an intraday high of $16,611.59 during today’s session.

The price rally has pushed BTC away from the recent $15,600 low, and the bulls now appear to be aiming for the $16,900 high.

In terms of the chart, the rally stepped in as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 14 days broke resistance at 38.00. At the time of writing these lines the index is at 39.58 and seems to be heading towards the resistance point at 41.00.

Le Century-sur-Marché remains bearish, Margret Le Rally d’Aujour Huy, Sependent, Scythe’s obstacles are Bénir Son Surmonte, Allor La Dynamic Pole Beginner a Changer .


Like Bitcoin, Ethereum also returned to the green during today’s session, with jets approaching the $1,200 bar. Ethereum reached a peak of $1,175.13 on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after reaching a low of $1,096.66.

Today’s gains have pushed Ethereum above the critical resistance level of $1,170, reaching its highest since Sunday in the process.

Analyze the bitcoin et de l'ethereum technique: Le bitcoin rebondit, Coinbase confirme detenir 2 million de BTC.

Depuis cette collision, l’incertitude du marché sest accrure, le deuxième plus grand jeton du monde se negociant nouvelles en dessous des sommets antérieurs. intervene.

A return to the $1,200s is likely for the bulls, but the price forces must overcome this current obstacle first.

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