Credit Suisse Crisis With $1.6 Billion Losses Towards Banking Version Of FTX?

Credit Suisse Crisis With $1.6 Billion Losses Towards Banking Version Of FTX?

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has deposited 130 Societe Affiliates. This is a fact that affects the crypto sector as a whole, but in the traditional financial world we step back and invest in Credit Suisse. We are facing a serious crisis.

The Swiss-based bank could incur losses of CHF 1.5 billion ($1.6 billion) at the end of the fourth quarter, with system criticality globally force majeure and system criticality at Considered globally uncertain by Conseil de stabilité financière comme ayant une important systemique global majeure, a prevenu aujourd’hui quelle sattendait à une los pouvant attenirer. This year’s.

Credit Suisse’s financial problems have been exacerbated by customers withdrawing assets and investments.

À tel point que sa divisionheritage management“, qui s’address aux client les plus fortunés de l’institution, a subi une sortie net de 10% des assets qu’elle gère, de quoi peser sur le bilan de la banque, selon un report du Financial Times.

A Swiss bank, a major trader and major counterparty in the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) foreign exchange market, has declared that it faces an economic and market environment.”difficult“.

As a result, Credit Suisse has had to rely on liquidity reserves that meet certain minimum regulatory requirements. And today’s Extraordinary General Meeting approved a capital increase to finance Ripley’s après qui semble être la plus grande Crisis de ses 166 ans d’histoire.

Implausible systemic risk?

Following the collapse of FTX, certain actors have targeted the cryptocurrency sector, highlighting that this ecosystem represents a risk to the traditional financial system. This is effectively what Federal Reserve Vice President Michael Burr, who is in charge of oversight, recently declared to the Senate Bank.

Nous sommes préoccupés par les risques que nous connaissons pas dans leector non bancaire. This obviously includes the crypto-money industry, but more broadly, it lacks high visibility, transparency and adequate data. There is no risk to those involved in the financial system. This could create risks that affect the financial system we regulate.

Michael Barr, Vice President of Oversight at the Federal Reserve Board.

I am facing a dangerous systemic environmental crisis for Credit Suisse. Ce n’est que sur Twitter qu’un avertissement a été émis quant à un eventual impact sur le système financier mondial, étant donné les liens profonds du préteur suisse avec les banques américaines et européennes.

In the case of FTX, Spanish analyst Alberto Iturralde ruled out the possibility of systemic risk given that the crypto ecosystem currently accounts for only 2% of all active global assets. .

Depuis le mois d’octobre, on parle d’une crash du Credit Suisse, étant donné quil perdu 4 million de Dollars au troisième triestre de l’annee.

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