Black Friday: des bons plan à surveiler sur les processors

Black Friday: des bons plan à surveiler sur les processors

Vous avez pour ambition de changer de processor cette année et vous Surveiler les meilleurs opportunités. AMD as well as Intel have decided to apply significant discounts to certain “stars” of the market. Voilà une bonne raison de surveiler ce Black Friday infuses processors with fair de bonne affairs. First of all, we have to say that it is AMD that started the hostilities with the massive US price drop of the new Ryzen 7000.

Ryzen 9 7950X: Up to -31% off

Most of the Ryzen 7000 will benefit from significant price cuts. This CPU will be forced to switch to a newer platform for DDR5, but as we can see in our full test, the performance of the 6 is satisfying.

Black Friday: Les bons plan processor autour de 300€ à surveiller

Le i5 12400F est un inégiore qu’il faut Surveiler en ce moment. This “small” CPU is perfect for gaming consoles. You can find it for less than 200€!

Ryzen 5800X3Dis an ideal CPU for gaming and allowing the AM4 platform to continue to resist is a product to consider if you plan to upgrade.

The excellent 12600K and 13600K are also worth watching. 13600K is regularly seen in bons plan et il est au dessus.

Finally forget about the Ryzen 5 7600X with its particularly aggressive pricing

Vous voulez voir d’autre processor AMD, retournez sur notre article global avec tous les prix en temps réel :

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