Do you have a release date for the PS6 and the new Xbox?

Do you have a release date for the PS6 and the new Xbox?

news tree Do you have a release date for the PS6 and the new Xbox?

Au program du Daily, Xbox and PlayStation lâchent les premier index, new generation consoles, God of War Ragnarök, Pokémon cassent des records, The Witcher 3 se vousile sur next gen. Le Daily, c’est parti!

Sony and Microsoft are already au charbon.

Et si le rachat d’Activision Blizzard King nous permettit d’en savoir un plus sur la next generation de consoles? Eh bien, actuellement, c’est exactement ce qu’il se passe. We are proposing a 10 year contract. This is regarding the availability of Call of Duty on Sony consoles. Avec cette attitude, Microsoft montre patte blanche pour reassurer tout le monde.But before this proposal, Microsoft said he will make Call of Duty available on PlayStation in 2027. This will be the period Sony plans to sort out its next console. A period that is also Microsoft’s chosen niche. Maintenant, il ne reste plus qu’à waitre…

Pokémon eclate la concurrence, devant God of War

In the cette fin d’annee, the two jeux pointents of the haut des classements des meilleurs nouveautés niveau ventes. Meanwhile, PlayStation received God of War Ragnarok on November 9th. Only five days later, the game has already sold 5.1 million copies. Next, Nintendo welcomes Pikachu’s Neuvième generation and the six powers, the Pokémon Ecallate and Violet. 10 million copies sold in just 3 days. Numerous bugs and technical issues did not give a clear brake on sales. Surtout que les quelques remboursements observétes se font au cas par cas et ont peu de chance d’impacter sensively les ventes. Avec de tels chiffres, le jeu risque même de devenir l’opus le plus vendu de la saga. The place is occupied by the Rouge et Bleu version.

Geralt of Rivia Appears on Final Console

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will get a facelift on next-gen consoles starting December 14th. Mise à jour is free for all game owners. On the night of November 23rd, CD Projekt unveiled his two gameplays for this new version. It’s a big job from the Polish studio, with 4K textures and models, Dualsense-linked improvements, improved gameplay, a lightweight interface, and more. In addition, 2 original content inspired by the Netflix series aussi étédéveilé. On PC, the game will further benefit from Ultra+ configurations, taking charge of AMD’s DLSS and FSR. Additionally, two graphics modes become available. Players can discover the world of Geralt in high quality with his 4K ray his tracings at 30 FPS. Or alors, ils évolueront dans un mode performance pour attenirer les 60 images per second.

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