Game site “ Gamekult ” journalist ordered to be absent without notice

Game site `` Gamekult '' journalist ordered to be absent without notice

With Louise Bernard and Ophélie Artaud

After a long time, almost the entire Gamekult editorial team, which specializes in video games, announced their departure. cause? Introducing the new Actionnea, Reworld Media. Journalists were asked to stop editorializing vitesse ce lundi. Sills Decided Not To Forward Appearance Clause, Change Of Media Ownership, Deviant Guardian Of Ilse Will Post Prochain Dec. 7th.

Il ya quelques jours, les journalists du cite specialize dan les jew video game cult Please do not announce the departure of leur rédaction à compter du 7 décembre semi-perfection through a Twitter communiqué. The decision was made after the arrival of new action nair, Reworld Media. That practice is a source of big headlines and is already driving many journalists to leave the other newsrooms they’ve acquired.

But less than a week later, it became impossible for Gamekult’s journalists to write articles for the Internet site, and above all, to write the final issue and say goodbye to readers and readers, and editorials. It became impossible to keep my feet on the ground.journal release The raconte que les journalist, in addition to the first priés de faire leurs cartons en vitesse, tôt que prévue, ce lundi.

Dispensing from Preavis

The quasi-completeness of this editorial decided to leave following the change action nail.

Quelques jours before, ils avaient dedicated his entire broadcast on Twitch, announcing and explaining the reasons for this collective departure. ‘ils craignaient pour leur indépendance editoriale.

C’est l’une des raisons qui a poussé les journals à prendre cette clause de cession, un dispositif est prévés in cas changement de propriétaire d’un media, qui permet aux journalists de prendre l’initiative de la rupture de leur contrat de Travail et de beneficiar d’indemnités comme dans le cadre d’un license.

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