The Witcher 3: CD Projekt détaille les améliorations de la mise à jour nouvelle generation – Actu

The Witcher 3: CD Projekt détaille les améliorations de la mise à jour nouvelle generation - Actu

4K textures and models, ray tracing capabilities, improved playability, 60 images per second mode, cloud backup, photo mode. C’est ainsi que la bande annonce resumé les assets de cette mise à jour, qui sera pour rappel grtuite pour tous les goteurs du game sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.

Specifically, PS5 and Xbox Series X players can choose between Performance and Quality modes. The second mode is called Integrated Ray Tracing. Xbox Series S owners can choose between 30 pictures per second and his 60 pictures mode. The first mode improves image quality and textures.

Content inspired by the Netflix series The Witcher takes the form of a new quest named ‘Dans l’Ombre du Feu Éternel’ and several objects based on seasons 1 and 2 of this TV adaptation. Deux nouveau ensembles d’armure ainsi qu’une épée en acier et une épée en argent join Geralt’s arsenal, tandis que Jaskier porra profiter d’une tenue alternative, and even Nilfgaard’s soldiers plant new armor. This free content is also available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

accessories, functionality cross progress You can import and export old backups from 2015 on the current platform.

Une mise à jour finalemente realization par… les joueurs?

Even more amazingly, after significant delays in the development of this update, initially commissioned by Saber Interactive’s team, CD Projekt appears to have returned to the modding community to update the RPG that has sold over 30 million copies. .

The scenes dedicated to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt were always vibrant and memorable. We have selected specific mods to add improvements such as reworked textures, character models that appear in 4K, refined monster models, visual bug fixes, and exclusive changes. Immersiveness and even fixes for map stability. To ensure that this version is as beautiful, stable and at the height of modern standards as possible, we are happy to implement mods made by the community.’, No Dit On.

According to CD Projekt, the list of improvements is particularly long and also related to gameplay. “Sachez par example que vous pougeres lance des sorts plus rapidement en combat sans avoir besoin de passer par le menu radius, Profiter de plus d’options de personalization de l’interface et de la carte, Dune camera alternatives, d’ameliorations des Character and environment models (don’t consider vegetation bien and agreburu), simplified herb sans passer harvesting in the selection screen, and bug fixes that resolve specific issues notified by the community long ago.”, Pete Onrilla.

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