Stephen Curry's Parents' "Wife Swapping" After Divorce Hilariously Mocked by NBA Legend on Camera

Stephen Curry’s Parents’ “Wife Swapping” After Divorce Hilariously Mocked by NBA Legend on Camera

Stephen Curry comes from a family of NBA connections. His father, Dell Curry, was himself an NBA veteran. His younger brother Seth Curry also plays basketball in the NBA, currently with the Brooklyn Nets. Seth Curry’s wife is Callie Rivers, who is the daughter of NBA coach Doc Rivers. The Curry family is often known as the first family of the NBA. But there has not been smooth sailing for the most famous family of the NBA.

It has been around a couple now since Steph Curry’s parents announced their apparent separation. However, they still remained in contact and on good terms. Recently their equation has changed for the worse. Not only did the couple file for divorce, but they also accused each other of infidelity. In the NBA final, they both supported their son accompanied by their apparent new partners.


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Now when a couple as famous as that of Dell and Sonya Curry split up, it is natural for people to troll, joke, and talk about it. That is exactly what Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady, and Matt Barnes did during the NBA finals.


Months After Public Divorce, Stephen Curry’s Father Shows Up With New Girlfriend
Who Was Married to NFL Legend

18 days ago

Gilbert Arenas was unaware of the whole “wife swap” situation Dell and Sonya have had going on with another couple who were apparently their family friends. Gilbert joked about Steph‘s parents’ current messy situation, “Yeah so whole another family. Like you know what, let me go on here and get off here man. You can take my one and own. — In season trade.”

Story of parents of Stephen Curry getting a divorce

In August 2021, reports revealed that Sonya Curry had filed for divorce on June 14 in North Carolina. After their long separation, this was probably the first time things got ‘ugly’. Both Sonya and Dell Curry accused each other of cheating. Sonya said that Dell committed “illicit sexual misconduct” with different women during their marriage of over 30 years.


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Apparently, the people close to the family knew about these problems in marriage and supported their side to let the couple take control of their personal matters.

In response to the accusations, Dell Curry also accused Sonya Curry of having an affair with Steven Johnson, a former tight end for the New England Patriots.


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According to the accusations and divorce reports, both Dell Curry and Sonya Curry began their individual affairs during their marriage.

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