You and your baby

Not only has your baby been born, but you, too, have been born as a mother. Be gentle with yourself and accepting of your emotions as you get to know your baby and adapt to your new role.

Bonding with your baby Although many mothers feel a huge rush of love for their newborn
immediately after birth, this isn’t the case for all mums, especially after adifficult birth.

Remember that bonding with your baby happens over a lifetime– not just in the first hour after birth.Becoming a mindful mother Mindful mothering is a natural extension of a mindful pregnancy.
It is a gentle, curious, and accepting approach to being a new mum that is abundantly generous in kindness.Being mindful is a lot easier whene verything is rosy.

During challenging times, for example when you’re sleep deprived, your mindful awareness will
be even more important. Notice how you talk to yourself about your abilitiesas a mother and how your thoughts impact your parenting, breastfeeding,and your connection with your baby.Even a moment of slow, focused breathing as you mindfully change your baby’s nappy will help you stay present and connected with your baby.

When you are accepting and kind towards yourself without judgment,your capacity for the most fulfilling,flourishing relationship with your selfas a newly born mother and your beautiful new baby is limitless.

Managing emotions This is a season in your life of in tense physical and emotional changes that will alter every day. Some days it may feel like a season of storms,and other days will feel sunny and fresh.

The storms always pass and so will the intensity of this season of your life. In the first days afterbirth your hormones are likely to be in free fall, and it’s normal to feel tired and tearful. Remind yourself that this is just temporary.

Both you and your partner can benefit from mindful breathing to help you navigate intense emotions, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Soothing remedies As your volume of milk starts to come in a few days after birth you may experience swollen, hard, and hot breasts. Frequent feeding can help with engorgement, and cold cabbage leaves placed on the breast can be very soothing .

Using a padsicle or taking a herbal bath (but not until a few days after the birth,) can help to reduce any perineal tenderness.

Skin-to-skin settling Often a newborn baby will have their first feed and then sleep for a few hours. However, on the second night your newborn is likely to be active, unsettled, and hungry. This is normal newborn behaviour and keeping your baby skin-to-skin may help him settle.


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